Diary of a Wine Clubber - Day 2

Day 2 of my self-nomination to post 12 wine reviews in 12 days. Last night I chose to get the Boy Meets Girl bottle inside me. Just the contents. I chose this one mainly because I liked the picture of the hug. Red wine feels like a hug for my insides, so I instantly felt comfort.

I poured the first glass and leaned down to have a smell. I did that. I had a smell. Less than 48 hours after joining a wine club and I’ve already become a level one wine wanker. Who do I think I am? Tonia Todman? Pffft. Luckily I forgot to swirl, proving my bogan roots are still very much in tact.

A little less wanky-wino of me, was the fact that I actually had no idea what I was about to drink. It's the 'Boy Meets Girl 2019 Durif'. What the fuck is a Durif? I started trying hard to visualise the signs in the D Murphys heavenly lanes of vino. I can't recall ever seeing a Durif? Why don’t they have their own lane? Or at least a sign? This feels like a sign! Are they super rare and elite or is this an example of 'you get what you pay for’ with a $4.50 bottle of wine-club wine? Even Port gets it's own lane. Doesn’t it?! I had no idea what to expect. How exciting! I was going on a blind date with wine. ‘Boy Meets Girl’ and me. That sounds like a threesome. Count me in.

I really didn't want to run the risk of drinking this one over the Easter weekend and being disappointed, so this was the right time. I use a similar method for dating. If you’re not completely sure that you're going to have a great time, date them on a weeknight. Don’t risk your weekend.

Anyway, the ‘Durif’ was surprisingly delicious. It’s a wine that goes really well with Roxette’s Greatest hits. Unfortunately the flies really loved this one too. Rookie drinkers tend to involuntarily react when they get a fly in their mouths, splurting it out all over themselves. I’m more of a seasoned fly drinker, so I go with the 'holding your head directly over the glass and opening your mouth wide enough so that the fly won’t re-touch any part of your mouth or tongue and all the liquid just drops out into the glass' technique.

Then I remove the fly and drink it again. It's still pretty inconvenient so sometimes its easier just to drink with your teeth clenched. If I can ever find the Durif section at the bottlo, I would drink this wine again. 7.5/10.

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