Diary of a Wine Clubber

In light of the recent Facebook isolation nomination challenges, I decided to nominated myself to post 12 wine reviews in 12 days. Challenge accepted. I joined a wine club and my first case of wine just arrived yesterday. That’s right A CASE. For any stoners out there, that’s the equivalent of jumping from buying sticks to ounces. It feels that good too. I’ve now hit the classy level of substance buying.

The financial crisis happening in the world right now (and in my home) is why I’ve convinced myself that this is the way forward. I am making important financial decisions for my family. My commitment to the cause also helps the vineyards, the vine makers. On reflection, those fuckers always seem like they have plenty of money, but less money to Mr D Murphy through this and more to the source has got to be a good thing. And the company feels right. They have an app. Sold. So I cracked in with the first bottle last night.

I chose this one as the virgin wine club bottle because it has butterflies on it. I always judge books by their cover. It’s how I know if I like people too. Plus Vanessa means Butterfly in Greek. Decision made and I poured myself a glass of The Butterfly Effect, 2008 Shiraz. Not a bad drop. With all the ‘suck you in’ discounts to sign up to the wine gang, I think I paid a fine price of $4.50 for each bottle. This bought me a golden ticket into round one of the middle aged white woman drinking in the kitchen wine club.

I remember buying a bottle of wine for $4.50 after a gig at the Rous Hotel once. I was desperate. This one wasn’t like that one.

It was pretty light in taste for a Shiraz, but smooth and yum and it didn’t seem to stain my teeth and make me look like a hard core wino with the usual red wine lip splatters. I also didn’t wake up with a black tongue, which is unusual for a Shiraz. My morning breath did smell a little like a make shift Covid morgue, but that made me grateful for waking up alone in iso. Again. In fairness, I’m not sure if the breath was from the wine or from the late night slices of cheese. I do love going to sleep with a mouth platter.

So…. Yep, I’d order it again, but I know there’s better ones in the box still waiting to slam down my word hole. Solid 7/10.

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