Diary of a Wine Clubber - Day 6

Day 4 was Saturday, so this must be day 6 of

nominating myself to post 12 wine reviews in 12 days. Yes, I missed a day. No, I didn't miss a bottle. I had Saturday off to clean up the aftermath of Friday. Note the picture of my ‘lime juicer’ below. Yes. It’s a lime juicer and yes, it has been flirting with me. No, I have not! Yet.

My 12 year old son noticed the juicer left out on the bench and came and whispered to me….. ‘Ahhhh mum. There’s a…. uh…. Dildo… on the bench’. It’s so good to know that if I did ever happen to leave a sex toy on the chopping board in the middle of the kitchen, that my son would be discreet and respectful about it. I’ve raised that kid right.

I actually just had a memory come up on Facebook from 8 years ago today that read ‘Guess it’s time I start using my ivagination’. I assume that’s from when I first separated from my husband, but it seems just as relevant for isolation.

Ok. Let’s get into it. Sunday night I cracked into the 'Social Sunday 2016 Shiraz'.

The wine was delicious but it was the least social Sunday I’ve had in a long time. This wine goes really well with Peanut M & M’s and pretty much every variety in the Cadbury’s Favourites box. It’s technically not a dessert wine, but it also could be. I’m not usually a big chocolate eater, but being Easter (and because I was high) I over indulged. Oh well.

It says on the back of the bottle that it has 'black olive and liquorice in it’s weighty structure'. I couldn’t taste either of those, possibly because of all of the Eastery goodness in my own weighty structure. The label also says that it is ‘fully flexed’, which sounds a little too much like a regular Gold Coast Tinder bathroom selfie, but this wine was much more pleasant than that. And much less of a wanker.

I have no trouble giving it a 9/10. Would definitely drink it again.

pack substitute. I can talk myself into wine pretty easily. Anyway, this was bloody delicious too! Feeling like I’m winning in the wine stakes.

I only just noticed the back of the bottle says ‘be sure to let it breathe before serving’. Not something I’m likely to implement with a wine, but a highly recommended oral sex tip for the ladies. Especially if your red intake is similar to mine at the moment. 9/10 for this one.

(13th April 2020)

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