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Janelle T, QLD

“I knew it would be a good night but I didn't realise it would be the tears in your eyes, laugh-out-loud the whole time type of funny!"

Kimberly D, NSW

"She is hilarious, so relatable and you'll laugh so hard. I laughed out loud, sometimes hysterically the whole show!"

Tameka R, QLD

“....engaging, quick, honest and soooo hilarious!! My cheeks are sore today from laughing throughout the entirety of the performance ”


10 Jan


Beav's Bar - SOLD OUT

21 Jan


Bush Theatre - SOLD OUT

31 Mar - 2 April


The Athenaeum Theatre

11 Jan


Piano Bar - SOLD OUT

2-3 Feb



12 Jan


Piano Bar - SOLD OUT

13-19 Feb


8 shows, 3 Venues!

16 June


Ettalong Diggers

13 Jan


Rubber Chicken

7-18 March


The Howling Owl

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"I don’t know if it was the venue or just Vanessa’s casual, effortless and seamless humour, but the whole show felt intimate. I didn’t feel like I was in a room full of strangers watching a stand-up comedy act…I felt like I was part of Vanessa’s inner circle and I think the rest of the audience felt the same if their participation is anything to go by. Vanessa interacted and engaged with the audience and they responded, each bouncing off each other which added to the overall charm of the show."

The Coast Show - Podcast!

Time to tune out, and tune on in to Darren Sanders & Vanessa Larry Mitchell as they casually chat to exciting guests from all over the world on THE COAST SHOW, Podcast!

Past episodes include Mike Goldman, Dave O'Neil, Gina Jeffries, Terry Serio, Deborah Hutton & Brad Upton...... with more episodes released weekly-ishhhh!

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